Security Systems

Security Systems for your Brisbane Home or Business

24/7 Security Systems

Grand Security Group provides alarms and security systems to Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane. We only stock the latest in intruder alert and CCTV installations. Our alarm installers can make your business or property safe 24/7 with the most advanced security systems available. Call us now to find out more about the different security systems we can install.

Prevent Theft

The vast majority of thieves look for CCTV and alarm systems. Burglars who notice these systems on a property almost always move on. Professional security systems are not only useful in reacting to crime, they actively prevent crime happening. Criminals know that they are more likely to be caught and that property owners with CCTV may have other hidden security systems or even guards, further deterring would-be-criminals.

Create A Safer Environment

Having a well planned security system installed by a professional security team reduces risk to your property of theft and damage. Grand Security Group offers expert security system planning and installation for both residential and commercial buildings.

For all enquiries, please contact us by phone or email. Details on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. The best in security patrols in Brisbane.